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Daily Butt Workout

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Vicky is showing you a great butt workout you can do every day this week. This workout will help lift, round, and build your butt. It will also help you get sexy legs. Give it a try.
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6 thoughts on “Daily Butt Workout

  1. Do you do these every day of the week, or is what you were saying at the end about 1 2 and 3 the amount of days to do it during the week?

    1. She was telling you the reps to do at the end. As in do the whole workout once if you’re new. Do it once and then repeat everything if you workout already. And it looks like an everyday thing however if you get too sore, I don’t mean “oh I kinda hurt” sore I mean the I can’t walk sore, take a day off.

  2. Also, is it safe to do this everyday? From my understanding you should work on different parts of the body every other day.

  3. How many reps and sets do you do per workout? Is it possible to tone in 30 days? I like my weight, I just want muscle. Thanks

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