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Bettina Silye super hot 🔥💪😍 | Hungarian fitness model

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Bettina Silye Hungarian IFBB Figure Pro competitor from 2018
WBPF World Champion 2015
Song: Two Steps From Hell – Enchantress

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Special Credit Zoltan Vegh Fitness Photographer:

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5 thoughts on “Bettina Silye super hot 🔥💪😍 | Hungarian fitness model

  1. Back in the day when it was mostly men pumping iron in the Gym lifting weights we never had beautiful and by beautiful i literally mean beautiful women training alongside us now that I have just turned 57yrs old today I weep when I see such a bevy of gorgeous talented and committed young ladies training with such heart and soul I must confess I do get a little embarrassed albeit shy and find myself staring at the ceiling or the floor but I find it truly inspiring to see such dedication I have nothing but the greatest of respect and admiration I think today I shall spend my 57th Birthday in the Gym doing the one thing I have always loved doing I just wish I could turn the clock back twenty years knowing what I know today keep it up girls! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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